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NFT Mastery: Essential Tips for Emerging NFT Creators

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique digital assets minted on the blockchain. 

Being an NFT creator can be overwhelming when you need to create and promote NFTs simultaneously. Entering Web3 may seem difficult for novice artists who are still learning the fundamentals of NFT space. 

We have condensed the 6 tips to assist emerging NFT creators in breaking the ice to join the NFT space.


1. Select an NFT Format &Category

There are different formats and categories for an NFT collection, and it is important to find yours. At the moment, static images are the most widely used media type for NFTs, and there’s no reason why you cannot mint NFTs in video or audio format. 

There is also one known as evolving NFTs, which can evolve or change after they are minted. So, choose your NFT format to start creating your NFT collection.

The different categories of NFTs change according to the marketplace you choose. NFT categories on AngryMonky are Photography, Music, Sports, Collectibles, Domain Names, Trading Cards, Art, Virtual World, and Utility.


2. Add Utility for Your NFT 

Most blue-chip NFT collections with vibrant communities usually provide exclusive perks like access to events, airdrops, or even club memberships. Similarly, TNC Art’s Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFT collection airdropped LAC coins in addition to the LAC Shop, where holders can purchase personalized merchandise. 

Before deciding how to price your NFT, you should consider the elements that support its value as a creator. If an NFT has a utility that is in high demand, its value will automatically increase. 


3. Collaborate With Other NFT Creators

Collaboration was limited to a select few who could rely on top-tier artists with support from their agencies. Meanwhile, in the NFT space, a new kind of collaboration emerges that is more transparent, fair, inclusive, and efficient. Any individual with an NFT passion can get started by engaging with and even enjoying the content of artists or NFT projects on social media. 

Additionally, it helps create stronger, longer-lasting bonds within many creator communities and engages with them more effectively. 


4. Build Your NFT Community

As an NFT creator, building a community, especially through social media, is essential. Airdrops, live streams, AMAs, giveaways, and other interactive activities can help you connect and forge a bond with your community of holders, supporters, and enthusiasts. 

In addition, you will receive community feedback and inquiries and even engage in discussions. These activities will eventually help you grow as an NFT creator.


5. Brand Your NFTs 

Branding your NFTs is important if you want more people to know and eventually buy your NFT. Therefore, you need to build a narrative around your collection, as it is as important as telling the story behind your journey as an NFT artist. 

On AngryMonky, you can take advantage of the featured NFT collection. You can also run ad campaigns and use other free advertising tools available on popular social media platforms. 

Collectors are more likely to support your NFT if they can relate to you and make a connection. In the end, your reputation also impacts how people perceive your NFTs and how much support they are willing to offer you for your work.  


6. Stay Motivated

The concept of digital art and NFTs is relatively new. So, don’t be disheartened if your success doesn’t materialize overnight, as even the most renowned artists faced setbacks in their lives.

However, strive to create authenticity in your NFT style and artistic expression. Listen to constructive feedback from your community and stay focused on honing your skills, making new connections, and showcasing your unique NFT creations.

So, let’s take the first step by creating your NFT today!

10 Tips for Newbie NFT Creators

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