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StreamCoin X One Tree Planted: Sustainable Future With Green NFTs

In collaboration with One Tree Planted, StreamCoin introduced “Green NFTs,” a new way to contribute to a greener planet.

Concept of Green NFTs

In a world where technology and environmental conservation often seem at odds, StreamCoin breaks new ground by combining NFTs with global sustainability. 

StreamCoin’s collaboration with One Tree Planted is more than just a partnership, as it aims to leverage the potential of NFTs as a force for good.

The “Green NFTs,” a collection specially minted for nonprofit initiatives in collaboration with One Tree Planted, are a part of this effort.

One Tree Planted: Planting Hope Worldwide

One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization with the dream of planting a forest around the world, is based in Vermont, USA. They are on a mission to make the world greener, one tree at a time, and with every dollar they receive, they plant one tree.

They have undertaken various reforestation projects across the globe, living up to the name and making an impact on the environment.

Green NFT Collection

The One Tree Planted collection was created by the STRM Foundation (under StreamCoin). The collection features 1,000 NFTs, each with a tree-themed design. These NFTs have migrated from Stream Chain to Polygon (MATIC) on the AngryMonky Marketplace. 

However, what sets this collection apart is its purpose: the proceeds from this collection will be donated to One Tree Planted to further its mission of preserving the environment by planting trees. 

These Green NFTs are created exclusively for nonprofit use, come with 0% royalties, and cannot be resold. When you buy these NFTs, it serves as undeniable proof of your contribution to a more sustainable world.

NFT Donation

NFTs offer a level of transparency that conventional donation methods simply cannot match. Since they cannot be altered or changed, they are the ideal tool for donors, organizations, and other stakeholders to track and monitor funds.

Furthermore, platforms like AngryMonky make it even easier to use NFTs for nonprofits. Green NFTs, in a way, symbolize the convergence of technology and environmental responsibility. 

Users from all over the world can easily connect their wallets and make contributions using Green NFTs to a good cause.

By using NFTs for donations, this initiative not only raises awareness about blockchain technology but also enables individuals to take steps toward global sustainability. 

Claim Your Green NFT 

Those who are already a part of this reforestation effort can claim their Green NFT on AngryMonky by verifying their email address. Please see our NFT migration guide for more information on the migration process.

For more details on claiming your migrated NFTs, visit our learning center, email us at [email protected], or get in touch with the AngryMonky Global Telegram community.

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