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Helping Turkey Heal: Our ‘Pray for Turkey’ Nonprofit Initiative

After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and thousands of aftershocks on February 6, 2023, Turkey faced one of the biggest adversities in recent times. 

After the earthquakes that shook the country, its citizens are still struggling to rebuild their normal lives and meet even basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. It also disrupted the essential food production and livelihoods of many people.

More statistics can be found at World Vision.

Pray for Turkey Initiative

The STRM Foundation (under StreamCoin) launched the Pray for Turkey initiative on February 13, 2023. Pray for Turkey is a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted at a price of 800 STRM. Each NFT is non-resalable, with royalties kept at 0%. 

These Pray for Turkey NFTs were migrated from Stream Chain to Polygon (MATIC) on the AngryMonky Marketplace. All the proceeds from these NFTs will be sent to organizations working to swiftly deliver all kinds of aid to the people of Tukey.

Though these NFTs are not designed to be resold, they always stay in your AngryMonky account after you purchase them. Owning one of the Pray for Turkey NFTs denotes your contribution and support to easing the burden on people affected by this tragic plight.

Pray for Turkey Initiative Impact

We firmly believe that small acts of kindness can produce a positive chain reaction. By collaborating with Pray for Turkey, you join an initiative whose goal is to make the lives of the less fortunate better and give a ray of hope.

Claim Pray for Turkey NFT 

Those who are already a part of this collective initiative can claim their Pray for Turkey NFT on AngryMonky by verifying their email address.

Join us in this noble endeavor to support the resilient people of Turkey. Please see our NFT migration guide for more information on the migration process.

For more details on claiming your migrated NFTs, visit our learning center, email us at [email protected], or get in touch with the AngryMonky Global Telegram community.

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