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Alien Among Us: An Encounter with Alien Plant NFTs on AngryMonky

The Alien Planet NFT collection is a cosmic journey into a tale of companionship, growth, and the boundless possibilities of NFT space.

Alien Planet NFT Collection

TNC Art created the Alien Planet Collection, which contains 10,000 Alien Plant NFTs. The collection is minted on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) on AngryMonky Marketplace. But there’s more to this collection than meets the eye.

The collection was initially airdropped to 10,000 randomly selected users who signed up for the marketplace and joined the Allow List. The Alien Planet NFT collection is set to expand with new utilities and hidden surprises, and it will be soon disclosed to the NFT community.

Collection Story

Alien Plants were on a mission to invade Earth, only to be surprised by the warm and caring welcome they received from humans. This unexpected twist in their interstellar adventure made them reconsider their plans.

Then Alien Plants decide to stay, nurturing the bonds they’ve formed with humans. It was a beautiful start to a friendship between two worlds.

NFTs from the Alien Planet Collection
NFTs from the Alien Planet Collection

Each of the 10,000 Alien Plants has its own life, and the more you nurture your plant, the more it can thrive. In due course, the pots, skulls, and other plant containers will have options to upgrade to bronze, silver, gold, and even diamond levels.

Claim Your Alien Plant NFT

Users who bought the Alien Plant NFT on Stream Chain can claim them on AngryMonky. All you need to do is verify your STRMNFT email address, and you can access your beloved Alien Plants in their new home.

See our NFT migration guide for more information on the migration process.

About TNC Art

Founded in 2022, TNC Art is made up of a team of dedicated creators. The team focuses on nurturing creative and community spirit and supporting impactful causes by creating unique NFT collections.

For more queries, head to our Global Telegram community or email [email protected].

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