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Exclusive LAC Circle: Delve into the World of Lady Ape NFTs on AngryMonky

The Lady Ape Club stands out on AngryMonky for anyone who enjoys having something special. 

Lady Ape NFTs

Lady Ape Club
Lady Ape NFTs

TNC Art’s Lady Ape Club (LAC) collection contains 10,000 unique Lady Ape NFTs on the Ethereum network. LAC consists of 10,000 unique NFTs, each with 10 distinct traits, and 244 sub-traits with zero royalties. It was originally minted on the Stream Chain in 2022.  Meanwhile, 9,000 LAC NFTs were pre-minted within a matter of hours. Another 90 LAC NFTs were put up in a special auction, and 9 Special Edition LACs were also minted on the marketplace. Owning a Lady Ape NFT is about gaining access to a world of unparalleled benefits. From exclusive access to the private LAC shop and earning Diamond rewards to participation in the Baby Ape NFT breeding program and invitations to lavish yacht parties.

Collection Story

Lady Apes is the chic counterpart to the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs. Bored Ape #5668 was fed up with his monotonous life of drinking, partying, and doing nothing. He managed to leave Boring Island behind and soon got to know the gorgeous Lady Ape #0, who gave birth to their darling Baby Ape.

Baby Ape Airdrop

Baby Ape
Baby Ape

With a one-year incubation period, 10,000 Baby Ape NFTs were airdropped to LAC holders on Stream Chain. To sell their Baby Ape NFTs right away, holders need to purchase a unique DNA NFT. These DNA NFTs had three price tiers:

    • 1 Slow DNA  = 10,000 STRM
    • 1 Classic DNA  = 30,000 STRM
    • 1 Instant DNA  = 100,000 STRM
Note: The Baby Ape NFTs can be traded without any DNA NFT since the incubation period has ended.

LAC Shop

LAC Shop is another utility from the LAC ecosystem, featuring Lady Ape-themed T-shirts for every holder. You can get T-shirts in all sizes, shades, and styles in the LAC Shop, and you can even customize these T-shirts to match the unique LAC NFTs in your wallet. As a result, you can be part of the dynamic LAC community. 

Lady Ape Coin (LAC)

The LAC ecosystem introduced its native token, Lady Ape Coin (LAC), on its first anniversary. LAC tokens were built on the BNB Smart Chain; you can get tokens directly from Aladdin Exchange or via an ongoing LAC airdrop. You can find a detailed breakdown of the Lady Ape Coin below:

LAC Tokenomics

  • Token Name: Lady Ape Coin (LAC)
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 LAC
LAC Tokenomics
LAC Tokenomics

Lady Ape Coin Airdrop

Lady Ape Coins are being airdropped into the Aladdin Pro wallets of all Lady Ape, Baby Ape, and DNA NFT holders. To access your LAC rewards, sign up using your STRMNFT email on AngryMonky.

Claim Your Lady Ape NFTs

Users who bought the LAC NFTs can claim them on AngryMonky by verifying their STRMNFT email address. See our NFT migration guide for more information on the migration process.

About TNC Art

Founded in 2022, TNC Art is made up of a team of dedicated creators. The team focuses on nurturing creative and community spirit and supporting impactful causes by creating unique NFT collections. 

For any queries, head to our Global Telegram community or email [email protected].

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