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Mutant Ape Simpsons by Tony Simpson: A Symphony of NFT Homage

Hailing from Russia, Tony is a versatile artist who started in the NFT space back in 2021. His creative spirit unfolded in the form of characters that encapsulated the iconic Simpsons style. Tony’s initial masterpiece, the Simpsons Crypto Punks, paved the way for the Mutant Ape Simpsons collection.

Inspired by the ape mutants, Tony dedicated his time to crafting the Mutant Ape Simpsons and its captivating comic series. This collection transcends time and space, featuring diverse species that coexist in different realms. As a devoted Simpsons fan, Tony wanted his style to pay homage to the legendary Simpsons style that he holds dear.

Meanwhile, a pivotal moment as a creator was when his NFT fetched a whopping 0.8 ETH. This inspired him to spend an entire year researching the NFT market and developing new NFT collections on multiple marketplaces.

The challenge of promoting his NFTs led him to organically grow his social media, which, when combined with the brilliant utility of a custom Simpsons-style portrait for his NFT holders, became a hit.

The creator also stated that NFT has been a part of his life for more than two years and that he hopes to see more utility-based NFTs in the future.

Mutant APE Simpson in a Nutshell

Mutant APE Simpson Collection

Mutant APE Simpson is an NFT collection from Tony Simpson featuring 3,333 Simpson-style NFTs. The collection was first minted on Stream Chain, and later it was migrated to Polygon. The project roadmap outlines the NFT utility and upcoming plans, including comic books, video games, and even cartoons. The holders of these unique mutants will also receive exclusive access to the comics.

Mutant APE Simpson

Another intriguing aspect of the collection is that if you own five or more NFTs and notify the creator via his official Instagram, he will draw a portrait of the collector in Simpsons style.

Claim Your Mutant APE NFT

Users who own Mutant APE NFT on Stream Chain can claim them on AngryMonky by verifying their email address. Join Tony Simpson on this exhilarating Mutant APE Simpson journey!

View our NFT migration guide for more information on the process.

In case you have any questions, reach out to us on the AngryMonky Global Telegram community or email us at [email protected].

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