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Empowering Creators: A Guide to Free Minting on AngryMonky

In addition to standard minting, AngryMonky’s new free minting feature provides NFT creators with an additional minting option. 

What is Free Minting?

Free minting, or lazy minting, is a new feature on the AngryMonky Marketplace. Thus allowing creators to mint their NFTs for free while the buyer is responsible for covering the gas fee for minting. So, even if you’re just into the NFT space with limited funds in your wallet, you can still mint artwork without any initial costs.

When minting your NFT on AngryMonky, simply enable the Free Minting toggle to activate this feature.

Enable Free Minting


To learn the step-by-step minting process, see our NFT minting and listing guide.


3 Benefits of Free Minting Feature

  1. Accessibility: Free minting creates a way for new creators who may not have the financial resources to cover the initial minting fees. Therefore, making the NFT space more inclusive and accessible to new budding talents.
  2. Risk-Free: Free minting allows you to explore and try out the NFT market without any risk. So, explore, experiment, build community, and refine your skills at your own pace.
  3. Easy Process: You can start the free mint NFTs on AngryMonky with just a single click. 

Start exploring our free minting feature and create your next masterpiece!

For any queries, head to our Global Telegram community or email [email protected].

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