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New Features Updates: Enhanced Search, Activity Time Stamp, Top ERC-20 Tokens

Let’s dive into the three exciting new features launched to elevate your NFT journey with AngryMonky

Enhanced Search Using Token Contract

Our enhanced search feature allows you to find any NFT collection on the Ethereum network using their token contract address.

Enhanced Search Using Token Contract
Enhanced Search Using ERC-20 Token Contract Address

Whether you’re looking for a specific collection or exploring new opportunities, you can simply copy the NFT collection’s token contract and search AngryMonky.

See How to search ERC-20 NFT collections using the token contract address.

Time Stamp Feature in the Activity Section

With our new timestamp feature, you can keep track of the date and time of each NFT sale within a specific collection. You can easily access this feature by navigating to the Activity section of your favorite collection.

Time Stamp Feature in the Activity Section
Time Stamp Feature in the Activity Section

The precise date stamps, along with other essential details like wallet addresses and trade prices, help you stay informed about the latest NFT trade activities and make informed decisions with ease.

Explore Top ERC-20 Tokens

The top ERC-20 tokens are created by NFT creators to support their communities and add more utility to the NFT holders. These tokens are created on AngryMonky using the Custom Token Creation feature and can be accessed with ease.

Top ERC-20 Tokens on Homepage of AngryMonky
View the Top ERC-20 Tokens on Homepage of AngryMonky

Whether you’re new or have been with AngryMonky since its inception, our curated selection of tokens offers endless possibilities for exploration and investment.

Start exploring these new AngryMonky features today!

For any queries, head to our Global Telegram community or email [email protected].

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