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Lazy Heroes NFTs: Omonaga’s Unique Comic Twist on Laziness

In this post, we will be highlighting Omonaga and his latest NFT collection on AngryMonky.

Meet the Creator: Omonaga

Omonaga, a digital creator in his late twenties, set out as a graphic designer while studying architecture and design in college. After graduation, he worked in a printing house but wanted to follow his true passion for designing. 

It wasn’t until early 2022 that he took his first step into the NFT space while collaborating on an NFT project. Seeing his creations transform into NFTs ignited his interest in digital space, and he saw the potential of NFT space for creators.

Drawing on his experience as a designer, Omonaga’s passion for American comics led him to mint a set of NFTs on AngryMonky (earlier known as STRMNFT). Eventually, he became a part of the Creator Program, minting his latest collection consisting of 10,000 Lazy Hero NFTs.

Lazy Hero Collection in a Glance

Collection Name: Lazy Hero

Creator: Omonagaverse (Omonaga)

Number of NFTs: 10,000

Official Website: https://lazyfaces.com/lazyhero_en

About the collection

The Lazy Hero NFT collection consists of 10,000 easygoing characters that draw inspiration from the creator’s passion for American comic-style art. While laziness is often frowned upon, these NFTs offer a light-hearted perspective on the concept.

Beyond their relaxed demeanor, the Lazy Heroes are unique with different NFT traits. Featuring various facial expressions, lively backgrounds, a variety of costumes, and a wide array of unique items, each Lazy Hero is truly one of a kind. 

From colored capes to balloons, weapons, crowns, sunglasses, and more, it’s evident that Omonaga’s dedication to creating this collection is anything but lazy.

In addition to their cute and laid-back appearance, the Lazy Heroes come with some exciting utilities to be revealed in their official roadmap. 

As per the creator, collecting 10 Lazy Heroes will grant holders a free Lazy Robot NFT. The traits of your 10 Lazy Heroes NFTs will be combined to create a single Lazy Robot NFT.

The creator will reveal more utilities for Lazy Hero NFT holders on AngryMonky.

Claim Your Lazy Heroes NFT 

Users who purchased the Lazy Heroes NFT on STRMNFT can claim them on AngryMonky by verifying their email address. See our NFT migration guide for more information on the migration process.

For more queries, head to our Global Telegram community or email [email protected].

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