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Your Guide to Buying an NFT on AngryMonky

Trading listed NFTs usually involve a single buyer and seller through a platform. Most NFTs are bought and sold on marketplaces like AngryMonky, and some are auctioned the traditional way at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. However, some NFTs are sold through the minting website of the NFT collection.

Buy an NFT on AngryMonky

AngryMonky provides two ways to buy NFTs for its users. One provides a fixed price for NFTs, while the other allows the highest bidder to acquire the auctioned NFTs.

To buy NFTs at a fixed price and place bids, follow the below steps:

Fixed Priced NFTs

1. Head to AngryMonky Marketplace.

Head to angryMonky.com


2. Select your preferred NFT, then click on Buy Now.

Click Buy Now


3. Click on Continue and wait until the payment processing is complete.

Click on Continue


Note: During payment, if a MetaMask asks to switch network, click on Switch network to proceed.


4. To approve the transaction, click Confirm on your MetaMask.

Approve in Metamask


5. Wait a few seconds to complete your transaction.

Wait for your purchase to be finalized


6. Once the “Completed” pop-up appears, the ownership transfer is complete.

View your recent purchase

You now successfully own an NFT on AngryMonky.


Place Bids on Auctioned NFTs

Wrapped tokens (WETH, WBNB, and WMATIC) are required to bid on auctioned NFTs on AngryMonky. If you do not have enough balance, you will be prompted to convert the token to a wrapped token in your wallet. 

1. Select your preferred auctioned NFT and click on Place Bid.

Click on Place Bid


2. Add your bid amount (more than the highest bid) and choose the crypto token.

Choose the crypto and set the bid amount


3. Set the expiration date (optional).

Set the expiration date of your bid


4. Click on Continue.

Click Continue


Note: During payment, if a MetaMask asks to switch network, click on Switch network to proceed.


5. Approve and sign the message in your wallet.

You have now successfully placed a bid on the auctioned NFT. 


Note: NFT ownership will be transferred to your wallet when the current holder accepts your offer.

For more queries, email [email protected] or reach out to our Global Telegram community.

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